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Slave mode operation for holy grail  


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14/09/2020 7:36 am  

I am testing my unit out with a slider I built, and I'm struggling with the settings available in slave mode.  The one setting I want is not available in slave mode: Recording Time.  I am shooting day-night with the Timelapse+ VIEW.  My interval is ramping, so using frame count makes no sense.  I don't know how many frames there will be.  I know how long I want to shoot, and I would like to be able to tell it to move from point A to point B over a certain duration of time, in slave mode.  Forcing me to use a frame count means one of two things : either I won't reach the final keyframe during shooting, or it will reach the final keyframe before the sunset/sunrise is fully captured.  If I could set a recording time, I would always get the full programmed motion in the desired timeframe, despite not being able to predict how many frames it will take to do it.

Any chance of a firmware update to change this?  You'd have to write some simple math to re-calculate how far to move after each interval, but I don't think it would be that tough to work out.


PS Loving the controller otherwise.  It worked correctly out of the box with my DIY slider.  Is there an API available for someone wanting to try USB control of the PINE R?

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17/09/2020 10:51 pm  


so you mean, that the PINE controller knows the actual time + the time it needs to be at the end position?

And at each frame it calculates the movement again with the new parameters?

So it can happen, that the steps between the single images can be different.

Is that what you mean?


At the moment this is not possible. Maybe we can have a look at it for a future firmware upgrade.

Also at the moment we do not have an API for the controller.


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