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Gear ratio and current for Rhino Motion  


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09/07/2019 9:14 am  

I’m struggling to find the specs for the Rhino Motion motorized slider but haven’t found any info. 

Since it’s listed and supported by Pine could you please share the setup settings?


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09/07/2019 10:02 am  


we don't know the exact gear ratio of the rhino slider, but you can generate a new custom profile.

For that, you can use our setup wizard and create a new profile by tapping the "+" icon when the Motor Quick Setup appears.
Under step 2/3, set a motor current of 0.8A and move your slider the selected distance (maybe 10 or 20cm is a good distance). Use a ruler to move it exactly this distance. This will allow the PINE App to determine the necessary gear ratio of the slider. After that you can continue and give the profile a name. 

Next time you use the slider, you can just select your custom profile and you are good to go. In the case the motor gets too hot over time, lower the motor current of your profile, if it is too weak, increase the motor current.

Hope that helped.

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