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New Firmware V1.2 and App Updates available  


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04/10/2018 7:01 am  

We have released PINE Controller Firmware V1.2 and new updates for Android and iOS apps.
Here's what's new:

Firmware V1.2
V1.2 brings improvements to the 360-degree mode (please make sure to download the newest app releases to use these features).
* A newly developed movement algorithm will reduce the total time needed for one 360-degree sphere by at least 25%.
* Option to set 2 Nadir pictures. Those 2 images will be rotated by 45 degrees to each other and allow for easier masking-out of the tripod and pan/tilt head.

We added an optional firmware file for lower default currents in the download section of our website Use this firmware if you are using PINE with motors smaller than NEMA17 which require less current. Default current will be set to 0.2A after power-on of the controller. You can set higher currents at any time via the app.

If you currently don't use the 360-Degree mode, you might not need this new firmware V1.2 release. 

Android App

* Papywizard XML file generator now for 360-degree mode. Firmware V1.2 required.
* 360-degree mode now with sphere calculator for recommended amount of rows and columns.
* New keyframe editing option in time-lapse and video mode.
* Option to manually activate undetected motors.
* Option to "Don't show again" the pop-up windows that appear when entering the Giga-Pixel mode, 360-Degree mode, and 3D-Scan Mode. This is where you set your motors for pan and tilt for example. You can set the motors one time and then activate the "Don't show again" checkbox. You can access this pop-up window anytime by tapping the motor icon on the top right corner within each mode.

iOS App

* Added more Info-Tutorial texts in 360-degree, Time-Lapse, and Giga-Pixel Mode.
* 360-degree mode now with Papywizard XML file generator. Firmware V1.2 required.
* Sphere Calculator in 360-degree mode now distinguishes between rectilinear and fisheye lenses.
* Time-Lapse mode now with Test-Mode features. Test your time-lapse settings before starting the recording. Tests include: 1) Exposure Test, 2) Interval Test, 3) Movement Test
* Obtain your PINE Controller Info: Under the Connections screen, tap on the info icon next to the controller name. Info shown includes: 1) Serial Number of Controller, 2) Controller Supply Voltage, 3) Controller Firmware Version
* Option to manually activate undetected motors in the motor quick setup window.

Current Developments in Progress
* We are currently working on the firmware updater utility for macOS.
* The iOS App will soon be released to the official Apple Store.