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Repeatability of Timelapses - w/i 1 pixel to being perfect!  


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08/09/2018 8:50 am  

Hi everyone. I was running some timelapse tests the other day using:

  • Beta v3 of the app
  • Nikon D750 with Tamron 15-30mm lens
  • Dynamic Perceptions (old) Stage Zero slider and 2 Stage R pan and tilt heads


I set 4 total keyframes (including the start and end keyframes). I ran repeated runs with slider, pan and tilt movements, and then created an animated GIF to compare how accurately those runs would “register” with each other. This is something you might want to do to blend a strong daylight timelapse into an evening timelapse of the same scene. 

The results were absolutely amazing!!!! There is only a 1 pixel offset in the first timelapse run (from frame 1 until maybe frame 19 or 20) compared to the second and third timelapse runs. But there is complete frame accuracy between timelapse two and three runs! See this linked animated GIF (which has been compressed for size so not great quality).
Kudos go out to the development team for the entire experience of setting up and running the timelapse being such a easy - and trouble-free - experience!
PS - metal bars on the windows are a STANDARD fixture for most homes in Bali  ? 
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12/09/2018 8:35 pm  

Thanks for sharing this Rick.

Great work from your side. Keep it up and happy continued testing.

All the best,