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Make sure the updater tool works before you reset/erase PINE  


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29/08/2018 10:37 pm  
Just as a note: Please make sure you can install and open our firmware updater tool on your computer BEFORE you reset/erase the controller over the app (under 'Connections'). Once the controller is in firmware update mode, the controller does not have any firmware in its memory and cannot be used until the firmware has been updated.
If you don't have access to a Windows PC, DON'T reset/erase the controller and try to update the firmware. An updater tool for macOS will be released in a while.
Firmware V1.1 is not a mandatory update and only affects the 3D-Scan mode. If you are not using this mode, you can skip this firmware version as it will not affect your regular use with PINE.
Thanks everyone.